Janson Literary Services, Inc.
is a manuscript analysis, proofreading, and
editing company. Established in 1990, we also write advertising copy for business and personal brochures, websites, newsletters, book proposals, author and curriculum employment vitaes.  

Marilyn June Janson, M. S., Ed., President, teaches Publishing and Author Marketing, Family History, Fiction Writing, Children's Books Writing Workshops, and many other classes at community and workforce educational venues, schools, colleges, libraries, and bookstores.
She is available for speaking engagements.

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Ms. Janson's Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Workshops


New Class Inspirational Fiction



Online Workshops (Ongoing)


*These classes are not offered at Gilbert Recreation or the Chandler Community Center.



Brick and Mortar Venues: Gilbert Recreation and the

Chandler Community Center




2017 Online Classes (Ongoing)


Fiction (All Genres and Ages), Creative Nonfiction, Family History and Memoirs, Author Publishing and Marketing.


Begin and end anytime.


Learn at your own pace.


Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoirs, Children's, YA, Author Publishing and Marketing.


All instructional materials are personalized and provided for you.


Your assignments are expertly critiqued.


Eight lessons for $150.


*These classes are offered by Janson Literary Services, Inc. only.


Gilbert Recreation and the Chandler Community Centers do not offer these online classes.


Contact Ms. Janson at janlitserv@cox.net or 480-699-6389 to register.




March/April 2017 Chandler and Gilbert Workshops


Chandler Community Centers Downtown


Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Workshop

    Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Memoirs, Family History, YA, Children's Picture and Chapter Books.
        Wednesdays, March 1-22.
6-8 PM
Residents $28. Nonresidents $38.

$10 copy fee paid to instructor.
Chandler Community Center Downtown
     125 E. Commonwealth Avenue

Chandler, AZ.

 Register: 480-782-2727



Family History and Memoir Writing Workshop

     Short Stories, Creative-Nonfiction, Culture, Anecdotes.
        Mondays, March 6-27.
10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Residents $28. Nonresidents $38.

$10 copy fee paid to instructor.
Chandler Active Adult Center Downtown
     202 E. Boston St.

Chandler, AZ.

 Register: 480-782-2720




Gilbert Recreation


Southeast Regional Library (Greenfield and Guadalupe)


Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Workshop

     Novels, Short Stories, Creative Nonfiction, Family History and Memoirs, Young Adult, Children's Picture and Chapter Books.
Saturdays, March 18-April 8.
10 AM-12 PM

$10 copy fee paid to instructor.
Southeast Regional Library
     775 N. Greenfield Road

Gilbert, AZ.

 Register: 480-503-6200



New Class Inspirational Fiction Writing Workshop

   Faith Based.
Saturdays, March 18-April 8.
12:30-2:30 PM

$10 copy fee paid to instructor.
Southeast Regional Library
     775 N. Greenfield Road

Gilbert, AZ.

 Register: 480-503-6200




Ms. Janson's Publications Vitae

2016. Advent Literary Magazine. Faith and Forgiveness.


2016. Autumn Sonata www.rememberedarts.com/autumn-sonata/


2016. The Dime Store Review Literary Magazine. Brain Dead is scheduled to appear in their Fall 2016 issue.


2016. Essig Magazine. Unplugged.


2015. The Artist Unleashed. Jumpin' Genres guest blog post.


2015. Be Gone and Neglect. Unstrung Anthology.


2015 *Award winning author. Survival Instincts, a memoir, appears in  the Fall 2015 hard copy issue of their anthology @ WomensMemoirs.com.


2015 Stepped on a Crack. The Curve of the Arctic Air, a literary anthology.


2014. Stepped On A Crack, Children, Churches, and Daddies (nonreligious magazine)website edition.


2014. Survival Instincts. Telling Our Stories Literary Magazine.


2014. Be Gone. Telling Our Stories Press hard copy and online literary magazines.

2013. Letters To Linny. Arizona State University's Canyon Voices Literary Magazine.

2013. Aidan. Children, Churches, and Daddies (non-religious literary magazine).

2013. My Turn article. Arizona Republic.

2012. Life's Journey. Stage of Life.

2012 The Right Place at the Right Time Literary Journal, Telling Our Stories section.

2012. Dad's Dilemma. Suspense Magazine.

2012. The Backyard of My Childhood Home. Telling The Stories of Our Lives.

2011. Dad's Dilemma 1000 Words Prose Anthology. Children, Churches, and Daddies, a non-religious literary magazine.

2010. My Turn. Arizona Republic's Mesa Community Section.


2010. Saying Good-Bye To Tyler and Marcy's Special Day. e-Stories.org.

Praise for Ms. Janson's suspense novel Recipe For Rage.

"I wanted you to know I finished reading your book yesterday. All I can say is...WOW!!!!!!?"

                                             Dana Johnson, AZ

Honoring Our Veterans and Soldiers on Active Duty

Janson Literary Services, Inc., would like to thank the courageous women and men who continue to serve our country.






Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the hard work you are putting into this.

I want you to know that I really

appreciate it. Your

messages are encouraging, and I am extremely lucky to work with you."


Memoir Author

"Marilyn has been a fantastic resource for us. She has now edited four books in

our Fobie Friends series and our latest business book, The Entrepreneur's Coach. From character development and 'readability' to the fundamentals of grammar and composition, Marilyn's attention to detail and productive feedback is invaluable. At this point, we wouldn't dream of 'going to press' without Marilyn's review."

Brian Miller

Co-creator and Author-Fobie Friends

Professor-Northern Arizona University, College of Business

Senior VP-Enterprise Growth Group

"I can't tell you how helpful your corrections have been.

I feel like when I'm finished making these changes, I'll have my book."

Nita Clark


Nowhere Girl

"These (comments and suggestions) are fantastic!

I truly appreciate your point of view. I realize how much I didn't expound on certain elements after reading your critique. Thank you!"

Travis Boyette


"I would like to tell you how much I appreciated

your work on my project. You have made an impact and difference in what I am trying to do."

Glenn Harrington


"Thank you. You've done a wonderful job. It is appreciated."

Clifford Frey


"I think your work is good and feel it is money well spent."

David B. Bassignthwaite


"Thanks for your promptness and thoroughness. Much appreciated."

Dan Richardson


"Thank you so much for all your good information. You really are a Godsend. You helped me to get focused."

Marynell Tapp


"Your review of the manuscript was excellent…Clear and concise, it points out perfectly what needs to be done to make it a good read. I will do my best to follow your advice. Thank you very much for a job well done."

Boyé De Mente

"Thanks for your wonderful service!"

Dawn Marie Roeder


"Thank you so much for all of your hard work!"

Patricia Crane




Student and Faculty Testimonials

"Because of your class, I acquired the tools and skills I needed to submit my picture book manuscript."

Danielle Webb

Publishing and Author Marketing Workshop


"You are an excellent teacher."

Kim Knudson

Online Grammar Workshop


"Thank you, Marilyn! I appreciate all of your positivity and commitment to the community."

Courtney Allan

Recreation Coordinator

Chandler Parks and Recreation


"You're the best, always caring about your students. I'm glad to be one of them!"

Maryann Moore-Ohare

Children's Books Writing Workshop

Introduction To Screenwriting

Fiction writing Workshop


"Thank-you so much for your time. The class was very informative and I enjoyed it!"

Jessie Molter

Challenge Your Muse! Creative Writing Workshop

"This publication has given me the confidence to move forward with my writing career. And I truly wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without your support."

Rozina Khan

How To Get Published

"Thank you so much for the ideas and direction you gave me for the few pieces I wrote. I also hope to take another of your classes again."

Robert Wells

Writing Your Family Memories

"You are a very good teacher. When I go over my notes, there is a ton of information!"

Nancy Patterson

Creative Writing 101

"It (class) was VERY informative & definitely worthwhile."

Jill Thomas

How To Write Children's Books

"Thanks for (your) enjoyable and informative sessions on writing."

Dan Richardson

 How To Write Your Family Memories

"We thank you for your loving teaching and wish we could participate in another class." 

Dick and Karen Appel

  How To Write Your Family Memories 


Honors and Speaking Engagements

2016. Red Mountain Mesa Library.

Interactive story time, book signing and sale.

The Super Cool Kids Story Collection.


2016. Apache Junction Library. Genealogy: Family History Writing Workshop.


2016. Red Mountain Library, Fiction Writing Workshop.


2016. Red Mountain Library, Author Publishing and Marketing Workshop.


2015. Red Mountain Library, Mesa, AZ.

Creative Writing Workshop.


2015 Southeast Regional Library, Gilbert, AZ. Genealogy: Family History Writing Workshop.


2014. Southeast Regional Library, Gilbert, AZ. Genealogy: Interviewing Skills Workshop.


2014. Red Mountain Library, Mesa, AZ.

Creative Writing Workshop.


2013. Arizona-New Mexico Book Awards.

Children's Picture Books Judge.

2011-Present. Fiction Judge. AZ Author's Association, Paradise Valley, AZ.

2011 Fiction Judge. Five Star Publications, Phoenix, AZ.

Ms. Janson served as a consultant for the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative at Arizona State University. She contributed her expertise and knowledge for a web site designed to assist aspiring children's book authors during their quest for publication.

Ms. Janson serves on the AZ Republic's

Mesa Community Opinion Panel.

She presented the Artist Statement and Promotional Writing Workshops @ the SunDust Art Gallery in Arizona.

Ms. Janson would like to thank the Genealogy Club @ the Palmas Del Sol Active Adult Community in Mesa, AZ for their warm welcome and hospitality.



































































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